Located on the ground floor of the Wolverhampton Pregnancy Advisory Service, Central Wolverhampton Clinic opened its new Consultation Suite to provide Early Medical Abortions in 2007. The clinic is approved by the Department of Health and is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Central Wolverhampton Clinic in association with the Calthorpe Clinic is dedicated to the provision of early abortion and contraception, offering a choice of procedures including the "abortion pill".

Our highly skilled doctors, nurses and patient advisors provide a high standard of specialist abortion care.

We understand how difficult it is for clients which is why we have tried to make things a little simpler and more convenient by providing local services for local people.
The "One-Stop" service has been developed for with busy clients in mind and allows clients to have a consultation and medical assessment followed by treatment on the first appointment, without it affecting the quality of care.

This service is available on Wednesdays with the second visit on Thursdays

Clients are able to eat and drink as normal prior to treatment

On arrival at the centre you will be met and welcomed by a dedicated member of staff. A Patient Advisor will complete the necessary paperwork with you and discuss your options and decision to terminate your pregnancy. If you decide to proceed you will have a medical consultation with a doctor who will also perform a scan to confirm how many weeks pregnant you are. If you are suitable for Early Medical Abortion doctor will complete a legal form and ask you to sign a Consent to Treatment form. He will then prescribe and give you the medication to swallow (mifepristone tablet). You will be asked to rest for approximately 30 minutes so that we can clarify that you feel well and have no adverse reaction to the medication.
Before you leave the clinic you will be given an appointment for the 2nd part of your treatment the following day, and a contact number for you to ring should you need any help or advice once you have left the clinic.

If you vomit within 2 hours of taking the mifepristone you must contact the clinic for advice.

After taking the tablet you may experience the following:

• Slight bleeding
• Feeling faint or a little nauseous or vomiting
• Headaches and skin rashes may occur
• Slight dizziness or feeling feverish
• You may experience heavy cramp-like period pains
• In rare cases miscarriage may occur before the second tablet

Mifepristone starts a process which cannot be stopped or reversed later. You must attend the clinic for your second appointment since we cannot be sure that you have passed the pregnancy sac. We need to continue the second part of the treatment to ensure the pregnancy is completely expelled.

You will be seen by a nurse on your second visit who will ask you about any symptoms you have experienced since your first visit. If all is well your treatment will continue. Misoprostol tablets will be inserted into your vagina by the nurse.
The misoprostol helps your body expel the pregnancy so you will start to bleed and experience period-like pains. All women react differently to this treatment. Some have heavy bleeding and quite a lot of pain, while others have very little bleeding and mild pain; most women are between the two. However, it is important to remember that this is not a completely pain-free procedure. You will be given pain relief prior to the insertion of misoprostol.

You can leave the clinic after the treatment. However you should take it easy for a couple of hours. After this, you may find that moving about will ease any discomfort.
We recommend that you arrange to be collected and have someone with you (or nearby) overnight.

You may experience the following:

• Heavy bleeding and clots
• Nausea or vomiting
• A feeling of light-headedness
• Feeling feverish
• High temperature
• Diarrhoea

The abortion usually takes place between 4-6 hours following the insertion of the tablet. However, in some cases, the abortion can take place earlier or later.

You may bleed heavily following the second visit, usually for 2-3 days, you may even pass some clots. This is quite normal. After this time, the bleeding will lessen but you could bleed on and off for 3-4 weeks.

Before you leave the Clinic after your second visit, the nurse will ask you to telephone the next day so we can check that you are alright and that the abortion is complete.

• You can take your normal painkillers as directed
• You will have been given antibiotics to take after the treatment, please make sure that you take them
• Your first period may occur 4-6 weeks later and it may be heavier than normal
• You should refrain from sexual intercourse for 3 weeks after the treatment to reduce the risk of infection
• We also advise that you avoid any heavy lifting or exercise for 2-3 weeks
• Use sanitary towels instead of tampons until your next regular period to avoid the risk of infection

If you are concerned, you can always phone the Clinic.

Post-abortion counselling is available if required.

You are still fertile and at risk of another pregnancy. It is therefore important that you use reliable contraception. You can start the combined pill or progesterone only pill immediately after the second visit. If you start the Pill, your next period-like bleed is likely to be sometime during your week break. Please start your next packet as instructed. Remember to use an alternative method of contraception (eg condoms) because the antibiotics that you were given can make the pill ineffective.

Depo-Provera (3 month injection) and Implanon (Implants) can be given at your 2nd appointment.

Available to both male and female and offered as a free walk-in service, 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

If your test proves positive both you and your partner will require treatment as soon as possible in order to prevent any complications.

The Clinic will respect your privacy and dignity at all times and maintain your confidentiality whilst you are in the Clinic. We will not disclose information relating to you unless we have your written permission to do so.

We have a spacious suite of offices and a modern consulting suite on the ground floor making it easily accessible to disabled clients. There is a comfortable waiting room and outside patio seating area where friends or relatives may wait for you.

Clients can access consultation and treatment at the Central Wolverhampton Clinic privately. We are also able to accept NHS referrals, depending on which Primary Care Trust your GP belongs to.

GPs can download an HSA1 form here (PDF version)   (Word version).


Assessment and Consultation
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Early Medical Abortion
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Contraceptive ring
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Contraceptive pill
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Condoms to Under 25s
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Pregnancy Testing
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Chlamydia Testing (male and female)
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